Deena-Leigh, but you can call me Deena.

I'm down to earth, have a quieter personality, and love meaningful one-on-one communication.

Photography has been my passion from an early age, and when I say I took photos of everything, I DID. That's my advice to anyone starting out. Photograph EVERYTHING!

That passion grew and matured to what is today where I find the most joy in photographing couple's love. Making the connection between soul and photograph has been a beautiful journey, and I love the growth I've seen since day one!

Besides being creative with a camera I also enjoy drawing, watercolor, embroidery and baking. I'm thankful for all the way's God has blessed me creatively.

My favorite downtime activity of late is thrifting, but once the weather cools down, you'll find me outside; I love exploring new outdoor locations with my husband!

Dallas Small Wedding Photographer