Here's the part where you read through my approach and see if we're a good fit for each other. I don't sugar coat anything, and I want you to know exactly what to expect when choosing me as your photographer. See something you don't like? That's ok. I'm not meant for everyone, and you deserve to have a photographer who is freaking excited to work with you and you them.

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1. no stiff poses

You won't find me putting you into stiff, posed, uncomfortable positions. Instead, be ready for lots of fluid movement and engaging with your S/O in a organic, natural way. I will guide you as much and as little as you need. Don't know where to put your hands? You won't even think about it.

2. true connection & trust

This is what makes it all work. I will invest myself wholeheartedly into getting to know you and understanding your dynamic as a couple and individual. That means FaceTime calls, questionnaires, regular texts and connecting via social media. We will work together to build connection and trust.

3. the real you

This can be a make or break for some people, and that's ok. I am always going to be 100% honest when it comes to the question of photoshop and body/face alterations. I'm not going to lengthen your neck, make your arms thinner, or your eyes bluer. My goal is to photograph and present you in your organic beauty. This is a celebration of who YOU are.

4. more than just pretty photos

These are never to happen again memories; they're too important to let slip by unrecorded. The way the light filtered through the window as you got ready, the tear that slipped down your mothers cheek, the smile of your future husband as you walked down the aisle.

Photos and videos are the only things that last after your wedding day, and their value only increases over time. They become heirlooms to pass on to your family tree.

Photography truly is a worthy investment, and if you're here looking for a good deal, sorry, I'm not your person. I take my work too seriously, and only want couples who truly value the importance of capturing authentic memories that they can cherish forever.

5. no cookie cutter edit

It's not "one edit fits all" over here. I like to keep consistency to my capturing style, but my edit flows differently with each couple I capture. Photos on a rainy overcast day are going to, and should look different than photos taken in the midday sun. My consistency comes from knowing how to capture stunning images in every lighting scenario. No trendy edits, but rather a timeless, true to color look that will never go out of style. Please don't ask me to change how I edit, or request a certain look, because the polite answer will be "no".

6. open communication

My texts are open to you 24/7 and I want you to know I am willing to offer you any help I can as we plan for your session or wedding day. Need to hop on a FaceTime call? You got it. I have a life outside of photography as well, and generally shoot on weekends, so I may not be prompt in answering, but know that I will get back to you. I want to be a resource for you and a sounding board when it comes to making decisions about your big day. I've done this a time or two and can offer insight into the wedding world.
I'm here for you.