this isn't just showing up for pretty photos

it's so much more than that. It's us working together to capture you as honestly and soulfully as possible.

You're here because you care more about having emotions captured throughout your intimate wedding day

rather than having posed family group photos and stiff, emotionless portraits.


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This is what you can expect


Here's the part where you read through my approach and see if we're a good fit for each other. I don't sugar coat anything, and I want you to know exactly what to expect when choosing me as your photographer. See something you don't like? That's ok. I'm not meant for everyone, and you deserve to have a photographer who is freaking excited to work with you and you them.

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I'm Deena - cat-loving, curly haired, Texas based wedding photographer.

I am beyond honored you have found your way here and hope my work speaks to your soul. I want to connect with you on the level of "trusted friend".

this isn't just about pretty photos

To me, photography is a calling that God has blessed me with as an opportunity to serve and minister to others. I care deeply about your overall experience and I will work hard to build a level of trust so we can capture your love authentically and honestly.

the more I am able to connect with you the more beautifully I can capture who you are

I cannot wait to meet you. 🤍

Taylor Cook Photography

creating soulful, honest images

Why you need a professional photographer

Your uncle or bestie might have a nice camera anyway, so why hire someone you've never met to take some of the most important pictures of your life?


I'll hop in a plane just for you